History and Gaming

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History and Gaming

Gaming provides an interactive portal into ‘realities’ external to our own. Games allow us to travel in time and access interactive history: the player becomes a participant in events. Though virtual, these worlds may offer us the opportunity for authentic experiences of past environments and situations. Immersive technologies encourage a richer phenomenological engagement, one which asks us not only to understand, but to feel our way into history. As such these platforms achieve a unique dialogue between the present and the past.  This panel asks how we interact with games with historical content, and the role they play in articulating understandings of history: can a game’s rendering of history alter how we view the past? To what extent does creative license effect gaming communities’ understandings of history? To what degree can games be an educational tool? What happens when we we gamify history? If games create an alternative reality in the present, can they create alternative pasts?


Please come along on ThursdayNovember 2 to our

Panel with:

Dr Rowan Tulloch (MMCCS), Daniel Keogh (Educational Games Designer, 3P Learning), and Abbie Hartman (MHPIR)

Reception at 6pm, with Panel to follow at 7pm

Australian Hearing Hub, Level 1 Lecture Theatre,

Macquarie University

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