Mareile Pfannebecker: “Malemployed Desire: online work and play under digital capitalism”

This Tuesday, 24 November, 2020, we invite you to a special online talk hosted by Markers of Authenticity and the Platform Intimacies Research Initiative through the Faculty of Arts, Macquarie University, by Dr Mariele Pfannebecker, from Manchester.

Her paper will discuss how digitally managed desire structures the lives we lead working and not working online. In her talk, she wants to look at how forms of online posting that blur the line between work and play – like that of internet celebrity – function paradigmatically to show how the material and psychological structure of employment is changing in ways that affect all workers. Second, she’ll discuss how internet platforms’ algorithmic putting to work of what we want, from search engines to social media, suffers from a pre-Freudian theory of desire that fails to anticipate the effects of a digitalised pleasure principle.

This paper will draw on ideas from Mareile and James Smith’s book, Work Want Work: Labour and Desire at the End of Capitalism (Zed, 2020).

The talk will be moderated by Dr Chris Muller from the Department of Media, Communications, Creative Arts, Literature and Language.

Join us via zoom:

Tuesday 24th of November, 2020, 19:30 (Sydney) / 8:30 (UK) / 9:30 (CET) Password: 686581

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